Global Seasons Seedless Guava
Global Seasons Seedless Guava
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The Seedless guava grows on an evergreen tree that can range from 3 to 10 meters tall. It has a shrub-like growth habit with smooth bark that is brownish-green or even red. Ornate feathery blossoms of white and pink dot the foliage and later give way to small green fruits. Seedless guavas are quite misshapen and range from round, ovoid or piriform and have a thin lime-green skin that is fully edible when ripe. They are a medium-large guava averaging 5-10 centimeters long and are often sweeter than the seeded varieties. The crisp white flesh is highly aromatic and offers flavors of peach, passionfruit, lime zest and rose.

Seedless guavas are a variety of Psidium guajava that are generally found throughout Malaysia and other parts of the South Pacific. Guavas come in two broad groups divided by the color of their flesh: pink and white. Seedless guavas are of the white variety and usually have a firm, crispier texture. Their desirable seedless flesh is a natural byproduct of their low fertility, thus the trees are not prolific producers and seldom grown as a profitable crop.

Seedless guavas are most often eaten raw as a snack out-of-hand. When slightly under-ripe, the sliced fruit is dipped in plum powder, a condiment found throughout Thailand and Taiwan. Seedless guavas may also be used in salads. The crisp fruit is shredded, and combined with lettuce, then dressed with flavorings like lime juice, fish sauce, sugar, lime, dried shrimp, onion, mint and coriander. As the fruits ripen further, they soften slightly and develop a smooth, fine texture that is ideal for jellies, custards and pie fillings. Compliment Seedless guavas with flavors such as banana, orange, passion fruit, pineapple, lemon, strawberry, coconut, ginger, macadamia nut, cashew, white chocolate, vanilla and raisin. Store Seedless guavas in a warm room to allow them to ripen. Once they have reached their desired ripeness, they can be stored in an open paper bag in the refrigerator, where they will last for several days.